Why Choose MirrorMate?

Fits any mirror. Does your mirror sit on the backsplash or run right into the corner wall? Have clips or a strip holding it up? No problem. MirrorMate frames attach to the surface of your mirror, cover clips and hide the mirror’s edges.

Easy to install. No special tools or talents needed. Everything you need is included in the kit. We can also install it for you!

Costs far less. This eco-friendly option not only saves the mirror you have; it saves you from traditional framing or buying a more costly, pre-framed mirror.

Beautiful! High-quality, professional grade wood and MDF frames come in over 60 styles to adorn any décor.

MirrorMate Frames



Since MirrorMate® frames are custom cut, they are not returnable for reasons other than damage, defect or error by MirrorMate. If you are unsure of the measurement, have a large or unusual mirror, or have potential obstacles, such as overhanging lighting, rosettes on the mirror, a medicine cabinet on an adjacent wall, etc, we would be happy to come out and take the measurements for you!


  • The frame will not warp or come off your mirror.
  • The frame will fit if measured properly.
  • The finish will last for years if cared for using these simple care instructions. See below.
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