What is Sandblasting?

Abrasive sandblasting, the most common technique, creates a “frosted” look to the glass. High pressure air mixed with an abrasive material cuts away at the glass surface to create the effect. The longer the stream of air and abrasive material are focused in one spot, the deeper the cut will be, and the whiter it will appear. Sandblasting is like a drawing on glass. Almost any design is possible. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done in the gallery below.


  • Shower Doors/Enclosures
  • Office Doors/Conference Rooms
  • Entrance Doors/Sidelites
  • Cabinet/Pantry Doors
  • Table Tops
  • Mirrors
  • Cutting Boards & Plaques
  • And More!

Custom Sandblasting is a great way to personalize & makes a great gift! Call us or stop into our showroom today and let us help you with your custom sandblast project!

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